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Asian red pants “The culprit, he was smirking”

Broadcast: CBS Radio FM 98.1 (07:20~09:00)
Host: Anchor Kim Hyun-jung
Interviewer: Lee Yoon-jun (Executive Vice President, Jeju Headquarters of the National Association for Disaster Safety)

The Asiana Airlines plane crash that happened last Friday. A man in his 30s opened the door to the plane while it was landing and was arrested. When we asked him why he did it, he said, “I was frustrated, I wanted to get off the plane quickly,” and he said, “I just wanted to get off the plane.” It’s hard to imagine how much worse this could have been if the passengers had panicked and started running around, or if the man had lost his cool and gone on a rampage. But there was one passenger who prevented a major accident by holding the man in question back. He’s called the red pants man in the video, and we’re going to meet him in our topical interview today. His name is Lee Yoon-joon. Mr. Lee Yoon-joon, are you with us?

Lee Yoon-joon (48), who overpowered the perpetrator of the Asiana Airlines plane crash that occurred the day before, is interviewed by Yonhap News Agency at a cafe in Buk-gu, Daegu, on the afternoon of Nov. 27. Yonhap News Agency

Lee Yoon-joon> Yes, this is Lee Yoon-joon.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Thank you for your efforts, are you home now?

Lee Yoon-jun> Yes, I’m home.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> You received a lot of calls from people around you, right?

◆ Yoon Jun Lee> I got a lot of calls, and when it happened, I thought it was no big deal, and I just came out, so I was there for an hour or two, and then it became a big deal, and I just did what I was supposed to do, and then on the way home, I have a friend who works for T-way, who is an acquaintance of mine.

Hyunjung Kim> Airline, T-way Airlines.

He said, “There’s a video of your backside on the Internet,” and I was just wearing red pants because I was comfortable on the plane, and I was just wearing Crocs, and then the video came out, and then the video was leaked, and then suddenly I was framed, to be exact.

Hyunjung Kim> At first, the red pants were the culprit, right?

Lee Yoon-jun> Yes, at first they said that the red pants were the culprit in the comments.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That must have been crazy at first.

I didn’t do anything, but I just calmly did what the flight attendant told me to do, and I was misunderstood and I did it like that… But when I went to sleep, I became a righteous person. Just. I woke up.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> You had a very strange weekend, being labeled a criminal one day and then being praised as a righteous man the next.

Yoon Jun Lee> Yeah, that’s right.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Now, we can still talk about this in such a casual way, but the moment when the accident happened, I actually couldn’t believe it even when I was watching it on the screen, like, is this a movie or is this real? What was the situation like at that time, and I’m going to ask you to tell us because you’re an eyewitness. Was the man in the seat right next to the emergency exit?

Lee Yoon-joon (in red pants)메이저사이트 sitting inside an Asiana flight with the door open. Yonhap News Agency

Lee Yoon-joon> He was right next to me. Toward the window.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> He was the one sitting next to the emergency exit, and you were the one sitting next to him. Did the person who was sitting still suddenly act like that? Please describe the situation at that time.

Yoon Jun Lee> I was just listening to music with my earphones in and coming down like this.

Hyunjung Kim> The plane was coming down.

Yoon Jun Lee> It’s coming down, but you have to keep your head down because you have to look at the screen. Most people do.

Hyunjung Kim> That’s right.

Yoon Jun Lee> That’s what happened to me, too, and all of a sudden my hat flew off and my headset flew off.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Headsets, headphones are flying.

Yoon Jun Lee> When I looked in that direction, the door was open, the emergency door.

Hyunjung Kim> Oh my God.

I can see the clouds in the sky and I’m like, “What is this?” And the wind is coming at me, so it’s really hard. I can’t breathe because the wind keeps blowing on me.

Hyunjung Kim> You can’t breathe, right.

Lee Yoonjun> It was just the air was hot.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> I was wondering how strong the wind was at the moment the door opened, but it was strong enough to sting.

It was hot, my face was really hot and I couldn’t breathe properly, so I was trying to save my face somehow, so I was trying to breathe properly here and there, and I avoided it like this because it was hot.

Hyunjung Kim> How long is that moment?

Lee Yoonjun> I think it was about a minute or two.

Hyunjung Kim> About a minute or two. How did you recover your senses and catch the man?

On the afternoon of the 26th, Mr. A, a man in his 30s who boarded an Asiana flight from Jeju Airport to Daegu Airport, was urgently arrested by the police for opening the door just before landing (violating the Aviation Security Act). The photo shows Mr. A (black top) being transferred from the Dongchon District Police Station in Daegu to the Daegu East Police Station.

Lee Yoon-joon> How did you catch him, because he was about to land, and the moment the wheels touched the ground, the flight attendant at 2 o’clock diagonal to me was in direct line of sight.

Hyunjung Kim> So the flight attendant wasn’t sitting right in front of you because it’s a small airplane, but there was a flight attendant sitting diagonally, at 2 o’clock, and you had eye contact.

The flight attendant is an expert, and he said in a small voice, “Are you okay?” So I looked into his eyes and said, “I’m fine,” and I circled it with my hand, and then the plane landed and we’re running now.

Hyunjung Kim> I’m running hard.

Yoon Jun Lee> I’m running well, and then all of a sudden, I see this guy.

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