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Arsenal sends Japanese representative Tomiyasu and aims for ‘World Cup active’ Doom Freese

Takehiro Tomiyasu, who struggled to compete for the starting lineup at Arsenal this season and failed to make a reversal in the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’, began to be mentioned as a target for release.

British media ‘Curt Offside’ reported that Arsenal are planning to reinforce players in a trade manner. It is a deal to send Domiyas, who lost his starting position, to Inter Milan, and receive wingback Denzel Doomfries instead.

Doomfries is the Dutch national team’s starting right-back. Since both Inter and Netherlands use three-backs, Doomfries could have taken the wing-back position. He advanced to his heart’s content in an environment where he was allowed to participate in attacks more frequently than the four-back side defenders. Doomfries’ unique move to penetrate the opponent’s gate did not work well at the beginning of the World Cup, but he finally showed off his power in the round of 16 match against the United States, leading to one goal and two assists in one game. It is no wonder that Arsenal is interested in the player, who had been rumored to transfer to English clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United even before the World Cup. 토토사이트

Tomiyasu is a defender representing Japan who joined Arsenal last year. He played as a center back in Japan, but showed good performance as a right-back in the early days of Arsenal transfer. But this season, it was completely pushed out of the main competition. Taking advantage of the fact that he is a multi-defender, he only started 4 out of 14 league games as a left defender.

From Inter’s point of view, Doomfries cannot be replaced by Domiyas. Domiyas is a player who is more suitable as a stopper rather than a wingback at Inter, who uses a three-back. He was also used in the Japanese team’s three-back in the World Cup. Inter is known to have a plan to use the transfer fee as money to recruit strikers if Romelu Lukaku is not performing as well as expected, if they send Doomfries.

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