Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Another 150 billion won glass body, appeared in three months → ‘Why are you so skinny?’

 Ousmane Dembele (25, FC Barcelona), who is synonymous with a glass body, has appeared in three months.

Dembele, who succeeded in reviving like a ghost after coach Xavi Hernandez, the ‘beginner’, took over the Barcelona helm, became the Primera Liga champion of help last season.

The momentum continued this season. He played in 28 official games and led the attack with 8 goals and 7 assists. Now, favorable reviews have been pouring in that 105 million euros (approximately 153.7 billion won) is the ransom, but the joy was short-lived메이저놀이터. On January 29 of this year, he injured his hamstring against Girona.

I was initially diagnosed with 6 weeks, but my recovery was slow and my return was delayed. he had no promises. He finally came back after three months. However, he appeared in a very lean figure, causing concern from fans.

On the 22nd, Barcelona released the players training through the official Twitter. Dembele was caught sweating. However, at first glance, it was dry.

It’s not just because of an injury. Because he is Muslim, he could not eat properly during Ramadan.

Fans say, “I’m too skinny”, “I’m worried because I’m thin”, “I’m not the Dembele I used to know…”, “Is it okay to be so skinny?”

Anyway, the return of Dembele is a big power. Barcelona has been in a slump in their recent 3 official matches (2 draws, 1 loss). They are 11 points ahead of Real Madrid in the league. On the 23rd, we will go on a hunt for 3 points against Atletico Madrid, a difficult opponent in the home room.

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