Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Ahn Min-seok “Kim Nam-guk is a friend who won’t lie” Kim Woong “Explain Choi Soon-sil’s 300 articles”

Representative Kim Woong of the Nationalist Party of Korea, who has been acting as a sniper for defecting Democratic Party member Kim Nam-kook over his alleged possession of large amounts of coins, has criticized메이저놀이터 Democratic Party member Ahn Min-seok for siding with him as a “friend who won’t lie”. Kim Woong sarcastically rebutted Ahn’s explanation, saying, “First, explain Choi Soon-sil’s 300 trillion won and Yoon Ji-soo’s case, and then hit Nam Shield.” Ahn was referring to Choi Soon-sil’s claim that she had 300 trillion won in hidden wealth and bringing Yoon Ji-soo into the country on her word alone.

“Representative Kim Nam-kook claimed in his explanation that he owned 800,000 Weemix, but the check showed at least 1.27 million,” Kim Woong wrote on his social media on the 27th, adding, “In an interview with Chosun Ilbo in December 2022, he said, ‘When I was trading cryptocurrencies in 2017, I had up to 4 billion won. But now I don’t have any (cryptocurrency),’ but the cryptocurrency balance he revealed in his May 8 clarification is worth 910 million won.” “One of the two is a lie,” he claimed. Representative Kim Woong also criticized Representative Kim Nam-kook’s explanation that he went on Kim Er-joon’s YouTube broadcast and said, “I asked the exchange for my transaction details, but was told that it was impossible due to the system.” “In fact, he asked Bithumb and received his entire transaction history,” Kim said.

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