Saturday, 30th September 2023

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A word from Boo Yong-chan and Jin Sang-heon who woke Shin Ho-jin, “You are a child who will do well anyway.”

It was Seok Jin-wook and his teammates who rescued Shin Ho-jin from the swamp of sluggishness. In particular, the words containing the power of positivity from Yongchan Boo and Sangheon Jin gave a big resonance to Shin Ho-jin.

In the 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Rookie Player Draft, Shin Ho-jin was nominated by OK Financial Group as the first pick in the first round. Shin Ho-jin, who was called the best striker in the college league, was given another grandiose modifier, ‘No. 1’, even before the season started, and was often cited as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award.

However, once the season started, Shin Ho-jin did not stand out clearly. There were major psychological problems. He was easily intimidated by small mistakes. OK Financial Group, which was a party to fierce competition for rankings, could not afford to trust and write such a Shinhojin, and eventually Shinhojin was excluded from the entry for a while.

However, in the second half of the league, Shin Ho-jin, who started to step on the court again, gradually improved his performance. Every time he raised a score, he stirred the court and even played the role of mood maker. And in the 6th round match of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s division against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held on the 15th at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Shin Ho-jin finally tasted the sweetness of victory. He scored 14 points, second only to Leonardo Reyva Martinez (registered name Leo), and had a high attack success rate of 56.52%.

After the game, Shin Ho-jin visited the interview room with his hair soaked in the water that his teammates congratulated on being selected as MVP of the broadcasting company. Shin Ho-jin said, “I have never won a victory while playing as the main player. It was meaningful to finally win while playing as the starting pitcher,” he said sincerely.

Shin Ho-jin had his first interview with a distinguished player after his debut at the KEPCO in the second round. At the time, Shin Ho-jin said, “I want to do well next time and do another interview.” When asked how he felt about his second interview, Shin Ho-jin said, “It was my first time at that time, so I was very nervous. It’s the second time now, so I’m a little more comfortable.” He replied with a shy smile.

Even though Shin Ho-jin won the victory with his good performance, he also expressed regret about his serve. Regarding coach Seok Jin-wook’s comment after the game, “The serve is not yet the serve of Shin Ho-jin that I have seen,” Shin Shin-jin said, “Everything else was fine in this game, but the serve was really bad. Still not 100%. I will practice a little more and find the timing to use the serve more stably in the next game.”

Shin Ho-jin went through a difficult time, not being able to play in the game and even being excluded from the entry. I wondered what he was thinking and what efforts he had made during that time. Shin Ho-jin said, “At that time, I was fine in terms of skills메이저사이트. However, his confidence continued to drop as psychological things did not go his way. With each play he was unsure. With the help of his coach and older brothers, he gradually improved his physical condition and regained his psychological stability. As a result, he gradually improved the content of the game,” he said looking back at the time.

When asked who was the older brother who helped him the most, Shin Ho-jin pondered for a while and said, “All the hyungs helped, but the most decisive was the words (Boo) Yong-chan hyung and (Jin) Sang-heon hyung. He thanked Boo Yong-chan and Jin Sang-heon for saying positively, “You’re going to do well anyway, so if you find yours, you’ll fly around.”

When asked if he had read the book ‘Champion’s Mind’, which director Seok Jin-wook said in an interview that he had presented to Shin Ho-jin in the past, he said, “I read about half of it. The book was also very helpful. I read it with concentration when I had time alone, and there were many things that touched me. The reason why the person written there is not doing well is all the story that applies to me.”

Shin Shin has only one game left this season against Hyundai Capital on the 18th. Shin Ho-jin said, “I know that Hyundai Capital will not come out as an elite member. That won’t make you comfortable. He will show his fans that he is doing his best until the end. Although we didn’t get to go to spring volleyball, many people came to the stadium today (15th). I think it’s professional to repay that. I will show you a more interesting game in the next game,” he gave a dignified answer.

Finally, Shin Ho-jin got out of the long sluggish tunnel. Although this season is coming to an end, I am looking forward to Shin Shin’s next game and next season.

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