Saturday, 30th September 2023

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A salt warehouse that shows the bottom for continued shipments… ‘Even if it sells well’, salt farms are uneasy

As it is known that Japan will soon discharge contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, salt production is also in an emergency. It is said that all the salt produced in a day is sold that day. Even though it sells well and the price goes up안전놀이터, they say they are rather anxious.Reporter Jeong Jin-myeong visited the salt farms in Sinan, Jeollanam-do.[Reporter]White salt flowers have bloomed on every wide salt plate.The work of collecting and harvesting salt under the scorching sun is in full swing.At the warehouse, sea salt in sacks is constantly loaded onto large trucks.Storage warehouse bay salt is starting to show the bottom.In this salt farm, an average of 10,000 bags of salt are produced per day, based on 20 kg, and recently, that amount has been sold in a day.It seems that production has decreased due to frequent rains at the beginning of this year, and anxiety about the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima has increased.[Kim Chi-young/Taepyeong Salt Field Manager: I need to buy it in advance before releasing contaminated water in Japan. Such a heart… ]In wholesale and retail stores, sea salt products are sold.[Ahn Soon-yeon/Sun-dried salt seller: My mom gave it to my brothers and sisters, so I ordered 30 bags each and 20 bags each (Yes.)] Evenif I order a new one, I don’t know when it will be brought in.Even in the mountains, shortages began to appear.Due to the high volume of parcels, we are unable to deliver on time.The price increased by more than 60% from 14,000 won for 20kg to 23,000 won based on the production area.Fresh salt produced this year must be drained of salt water for at least three months, so it can only be shipped next month.[Kim Byeong-hak/Sun-il salt producer: I’m afraid that imported products will come in. So, if our price goes up this much, we’re worried too.]If the discharge of contaminated water becomes a reality, consumers’ anxiety that they may not find domestic salt is growing.

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