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A greedy twenty-something…Donghee Yoon “I’ll do it one day at a time”

“Actually, I want to do everything well, but…”

She’s growing up every day. This is Yoon Dong-hee (20-Lotte), a second-year pro. As of June 26, she was batting .310 (145-for-45) with two home runs in 44 games. Beyond the numbers, she’s had some impressive moments. He hit his first professional home run for Daegu Samsung Electronics on the 11th, when he batted fourth in the lineup. Yoon Dong-hee said, “I didn’t expect to play so much in the first team before the opening day. I thought I would be in Hampyeong, Iksan, or Seosan (second team players) by now. I feel a sense of responsibility,” he said brightly.안전놀이터

Photo courtesy of the Lotte Giants

Second year as a professional, steep growth trend

Yoon Dong-hee, a native of Yatapgo, was selected in the third round of the 2022 rookie draft (24th overall). Two years after his debut, he has secured a spot in the outfield. He did not make the opening roster. Earned his chance after bombing through the Futures (second team) league (batting .436 with one home run and 11 RBIs in 10 games). He was promoted to the first team roster on April 23 and has been playing consistently. The fan support has been significant. “They recognize me a lot,” Yoon said. Above all, I got a cheer. I feel like I’ve been recognized as a part of the team,” she smiles.

She is young but strong. Her eyes are striking. He plays the ball, defense, and defense, and he is constantly thinking and studying. Even the day after her three-hit game, she said, “I feel like my timing is a little off,” and faced her deficiencies first. My biggest concern is my hitting point. They are trying to form it from the front. “To hit in front, you basically need to have a good center of gravity,” Yoon said. Power distribution and bat control must also be supported. These things must be in place for a good balance,” Yoon explained.

Photo courtesy of the Lotte Giants

Start small

She tries not to get overwhelmed by the spotlight. Yoon’s primary goal for this season was rather modest. He wanted to play more first-team matches than last season. Last year, Yoon played four games for the first team. He achieved his goal a while ago, but he doesn’t plan on raising it. “There is a saying that you should have big goals. But in my case, if I aim too high, it seems far away and I lose focus. I think there is a great sense of accomplishment when you accomplish even small things one by one.”

The second goal is to record a hit in every game. “One hit a day would be great,” said Yoon. Don’t go small with your ambitions. By having a minimum goal, she hopes to reduce the pressure on her mind. “Once I get a hit, I feel relaxed,” says Yoon. It’s a kind of mind control,” Yoon said. “When I look at seniors who have been playing baseball for a long time, they always look to tomorrow. Even when things are going well, they always say, ‘I’ll do better tomorrow.’ I want to follow their example,” he laughed.

Photo courtesy of the Lotte Giants

Mind control over greed

It’s not that he’s not greedy. On the contrary. As a child, Yoon wanted to be good at everything. Even now, she continues to build her ambition for success by reading stories of entrepreneurs on social media. “I started playing baseball at the end of the third grade, so I’ve been playing baseball for 11 years now,” she says. “Looking back, I realize that my feelings of ‘I have to hit’ and ‘I have to solve’ often became negative. I want to play baseball until I’m over 40, but I want to do it while enjoying it rather than stressing about it.”

The same goes for the rookie king. At his current pace, he’s up for the challenge. Lotte hasn’t had a rookie champion in over 30 years, since Yeom Jong-seok in 1992. It’s a background that’s been watched more closely by those around him. Yoon Dong-hee shakes her head. “I’m not really conscious of it,” she says, “but in a way, I’m accomplishing things I never thought I would. If I keep doing my best in every game and every moment like I am now, records will naturally accumulate, even if I’m not the rookie of the year.” She shares her honest feelings.

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