Monday, 29th May 2023

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A family who assaulted a ‘barefooted middle school girl’ in Gangnam… Dad’s Jail

Emergency measures were taken to prevent the parents and older brother who were arrested for assaulting a middle school girl in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul from approaching the victim. The victim’s father was detained in a detention center메이저사이트.

According to the police on the 20th, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station applied to the prosecution for emergency temporary measures to prevent the parents and older brothers from approaching or contacting the victim, and the court accepted it.

The police applied temporary measure No. 7 to the father, Mr. A, in his 40s. Temporary Measure No. 7 is a measure to detain the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months to protect children if there is a risk of recurrence of abuse. The police can extend the application period of No. 7 one more time. Mr. A was detained at the Eastern Detention Center in Seoul the afternoon before.

Mr. A’s couple and the victim’s older brother, Mr. B, are accused of assaulting a middle school girl for about 20 minutes at an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul on the morning of the 15th.

Nearby CCTV footage showed the middle school girl being assaulted by her family. In her video, her middle school girl runs away barefoot, and her Mr. A chases after her at high speed, knocks her over, drags her by her hair, and strikes her in the abdomen. After her arrival, her mother kicked her middle school student on her knees several times, and Mr. B was also caught taking part in her assault.

The Gangnam Police Station has booked and investigated couple A for physical abuse and B for assault under the Special Act on the Punishment of Domestic Violence Crimes.

They are known to have stated in a police investigation that “her daughter refused hospital treatment and was punished.”

Fortunately, the middle school girl who was admitted to the shelter was reported to have no serious trauma.

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