Sunday, 28th May 2023

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4 consecutive finishes Shin Almeida sends nuclear puncher Rosen and goes 5 wins – UFC Heavyweight

UFC on ABC4 on the 14th is a fight 메이저사이트where you can see the true face of Zilton Almeida (Brazil). 4 consecutive finish wins, but this is the first time against a real heavyweight ranker.

If he finishes even Rosenstruk, the ninth-ranked hacker in the heavyweight class, he can certainly be treated as a god as well as in the top 10.

Almeida entered the UFC in 2021 from the Contender Series. Having won 11 of his 18 wins in MMA through submissions, he has also finished all 4 UFC fights and is on a steep rise.

Ranked with a TKO win over Danilo Marquez in his debut fight, a submission win over Parker Fort in fight 2, a submission win over Anton Terkal Gee in fight 3, and a TKO win over Shamil Abdurakhimov in fight 4. It rose to number 12. He was basically strong in wrestling base and ground pounding, so he took a significant part of the finish by KO. His fifth partner in the main event on the 14th is Rosenstruk with one shot. In December of last year, Daukaus was sent by KO to wash away the wounds from Ngannou, Cyril Gaane, and Blaze. His technique is somewhat lacking, but his fist power is so great that he knocked out former champions Junior Dos Santos and Overeem by KO. Rosen is a long-time heavyweight, weighing more than 10 kg more than Almeida. His weight and bulk is another wall that Almeida has to overcome, but he is still the top dog of -400 units. The co-main event was a light heavyweight competition. 5th place Anthony Smith faces 7th place Johnnie Walker.

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