Thursday, 28th September 2023

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‘2023 season prize money 1st place’ Ahn Se-young “I expected it… reward for running hard”

Now, even holding the mic, I have a lot of free time. Badminton ‘Empress’ Ahn Se-young (21) brought good energy to the national team launch ceremony ahead of a big tournament with her witty words. 

On the 16th, Ahn Se-young attended the Korea Badminton Association Media Day held at the Grand Auditorium of the Champion House in the National Athlete Village in Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do. 36 days before the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG). Media Day for other events hosted by the Korea Olympic Committee will be held on the 24th, but badminton, which is participating in the World Championships in Denmark at that time, has moved forward a little and held its own event. 

The player who drew the most attention at this event was Ahn Se-young. She ranked first in the women’s singles world rankings announced on the 31st of last month, and was recognized as the ‘Empress’. She competed all season and won seven gold medals in events organized by the World Badminton Federation (BWF) alone. She is a favorite for the gold medal at the World Championships, Hangzhou AG. 

Ahn Se-young showed confidence in the international competition, saying, “It would be a lie if I said there was no pressure, but the excitement and anticipation are greater.” 

Ahn Se-young was named in the top 4 in all of the competitions she participated in this season. She has won only three Super 1000 events with the highest prize money, including the She-British Open held in March. According to BWF, her prize money Ahn Se-young received by July totaled $428,480 (KRW 573.96 million). Viktor Axelsen (Denmark), who ranked first in the men’s singles ranking, paid $270,195, and Akane Yamaguchi, who ranked second in the women’s singles, paid $259,190. 먹튀검증

Ahn Se-young showed an unexpected reaction when the topic of prize money came out on Media Day. She is usually reluctant to talk about money, but Ahn Se-young said, “I was expecting the first place in prize money,” she laughed and then said, “I ran so hard, I think it’s okay to get that kind of reward.” brought a smile to

Then, when Ahn Se-young asked, “How do you want to spend money?” When the prize money comes in, it goes well into my bank account.” Even so, he said, “I think I’ll save up and buy a lot of presents (for myself) someday.” 

Until last year, Ahn Se-young felt burdened by non-exercise activities such as interviews with the media. ‘Communication’ is now essential for him, who has risen to become a representative Korean sports star this year. It seems that Ahn Se-young is also starting to enjoy it. He has no hesitation in conveying his confident determination and honest thoughts. 

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