Monday, 29th May 2023

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‘강남 학원 마약’ 주범은 성매매업소 갈취 ‘여청단’ 출신…재판 중 범행

Prosecutors are hunting down a group of people who bribed students at an academy and threatened their parents. According to a JTBC investigation, the ringleader was on trial for extorting money from businesses by blackmailing them under the pretense of being an anti-prostitution activist. While on trial, he fled to China and carried out another drug case.

Reporter Kim Ji-sung reported.


Men dressed in black have been campaigning against sex trafficking on the streets.

They are the so-called “Yeocheongdan,” the Women and Teenage Sex Trafficking Eradication Group.

However, their activities were not what they seemed.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that the leaders extorted about 1 billion won from brothels in Gyeonggi Province under the guise of eradicating sex trafficking.

They threatened to report sex trafficking if they didn’t pay.

Last year, eight people were sent to trial on charges of joint racketeering in the ‘Yeo Cheong-dan’ case.

The prosecution pointed to an aunt in her 20s메이저놀이터, who was also sent to trial, as the mastermind of the ‘hagwon drug’ case in April,

She fled to China around October last year while on trial.

Lee is believed to have planned and directed the incident.

Another woman, Lee Im, who was detained for acting as a domestic recruiter, is also believed to have been active in the ‘Yeo Cheongdan’.

The prosecution believes that she also blackmailed parents based on her experience in blackmailing sex traffickers.

Prosecutors are expanding their investigation to see if there are other members of the Yeocheongdan who participated in the “cram school drug” case.

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